The Benefits of Having a Financial Advisor

Smiling couple in meeting with a financial adviserAlmost everyone aspires to be financially independent and own property at some stage in life. However, few know exactly how to organize themselves to achieve this kind of success. Hiring the services of a mortgage advisor Edinburgh can be one of the best ways to achieve your goals. Understanding some for the benefits you can get from such a professional can be key to determining your next course of action.

Helps in long and short term planning
Without a properly thought out long term financial plan you may end up facing a myriad of challenges that can easily lead to failure. A mortgage advisor has the experience necessary to assess your situation and come up with a plan that is ideal for your particular type of lifestyle, income and future goals.

Provides advise on profitable investment
A mortgage advisor does not only provide advise on property acquisition but goes ahead to propose strategies that can boost your profitability with regards to investment opportunities. Profitable investments make it possible for you to quickly repay your mortgage loan or raise the chances of getting a higher amount when you make the initial request.

Guard you against costly mistakes
A mortgage advisor acts as a safeguard whenever you make critical financial decisions. There are certain issues that may prove too difficult for you to handle and without sound advise you may end up making decisions that are costly. The advisor offers a new perspective on issues and in so doing minimizes the chances of financial blunders.

Helps in providing relaxation
An advisor can handle some of the decisions and meetings that arise in the course of the week or month. This frees up some of your time making it possible for you to go on vacation and relax with loved ones.

Qualities of a good mortgage advisor
When picking an advisor to work with consider someone that has been in practice for a considerable amount of time. Such an individual has dealt with different situations and can therefore offer better solutions.

The professional should be respected by colleagues and other clients. By talking to clients or reading through online reviews, you can easily determine the most reputable advisor to work with.

An advisor that offers multiple options for communication makes it easy for you to get in touch at any time you need help. Some of the options you need to consider include email, live chat, telephone contacts and physical premises. Keith is one of the professionals that meet all these requirements. Contact him for help regarding pensions, mortgage and investments.


How to login to a SunTrust account?

SunTrust accountSunTrust Banks, Inc is a reputed American bank (Holding company). This bank is having a wide range of products in its collection for offering to customers. The bank is offering its services through 1,497 bank branches and 2,243 ATMs in all states in the Southern zone. From personal banking services to products like credit card, mortgage loan, other loans, wealth management and commercial and corporate products are offered to business houses and individual customers.Online banking comes with many features and is friendly to the customers. In order to access the SunTrust account online, you have to log in to the account. Apart from providing you with smart access to your finances 24×7, online banking allows you to be updated to all the schemes and deals of the bank. In order to log in to the bank account, you need to follow the given steps.

First of all, you need to do to the Suntrust online banking login. Go to the online portal, where you will find the login option. There will be two boxes, and you need to enter the relevant information here. In the first box, you have to enter the user id and in the next, you need to enter the password. Make sure that there are no mistakes when you log in to your account.

In case you do not remember either the login id or password, the online portal itself will assist you. There is an option called Forgot login or password and you need to click on this option. An email will be sent to your inbox for verification or an OTP will be used to generate the new password and set up the new login id.

When you go to Suntrust online banking login, you will find an option called remember password. In case you want to keep the password open for the particular device you are using, you will have to assure to click on the small box that appears at the side of the login option. However, this will leave the account open to all the people using the device. If you do not own the device, it is advisable not to keep the login id open.

When you successfully complete the log in process, you will be able to access the account yourself. Besides keeping a track of the transactions through the online bank statements, you will be able to shop online, pay the bills through net banking and receive payments. This is of great benefit and you will have a new experience with the development of technology. In order to get better idea about the different products the bank is offering as well as the location of the branches you can pay a visit to the website of this bank. Login to the accounts you are having with this bank online is easy and hassle free. In case you are facing any issue in this regard then feel free to give a call to the customer care number displayed on the website of the bank.


PPI: The 411

BRGM08 Girl with CashSo you’ve no doubt heard the term ‘PPI’ or ‘Payment Protection Insurance’ bandied about over the last few years, but what is it and why the big fuss?

PPI had been sold with loans, credit cards and store cards all throughout the Nineties, but the controversy didn’t begin until the mid-2000’s.

The policies were designed to protect the borrower should they get ill or lose their jobs, which is all well and good but the real controversy came when it was revealed that many borrowers had no idea they had been sold these costly policies or in some cases were ineligible for a policy in the first place.

Many banks used aggressive or misleading tactics in order to ensure that customers purchased the policies, even in some cases telling customers if they didn’t purchase a policy they wouldn’t be able to take out a line of credit, which isn’t the case.

After a huge investigation and numerous fines, the banks have now been forced to pay back billions that they owe to customers for mis-selling PPI.

However the FCA is now considering imposing a time limit on all PPI claims, so if you believe you are owed something then it is best to process a refund as soon as possible.


PPI conman who swindled £170,000 from 1,500 victims Jailed

PPI refundsA conman who managed to pocket £170,000 from 1,500 victims using a phoney PPI refund scam has been jailed for four years. The victims got a big deprivation.

Hamza Rahman told 1,500 members of the public they were owed £2,400 in compensation after they were initially wronged by the banks.

After Rahman and his associate had taken a £200 ‘payment’ from their victims they pocketed the money and eventually made up to £170,000.

The conman profited by taking advantage of the PPI scandal, which has forced banks to shell out billions to refund customers who were wrongly sold PPI policies.

There are now hundreds of legitimate businesses, which claim back refunds on behalf of their customers, however the conman had never intended to secure PPI refunds on customer’s behalf.

Rahman had been warned that if he continued and did not secure permission to process claims he could be could be prosecuted, but he carried on doing so.

After a Trading Standards search, they discovered stacks of unopened letters from fraud victims containing paper work they had filled in.

Rahman had claimed he was working on behalf of a number of legitimate companies, all of which had never dealt with him before.


Teaching budgeting to our child

gygyMany adults do not know how to manage finances properly, because it was not taught since childhood. If you want your child to be financially mature as an adult, you have to start letting your child to handle their own financial problems. All you need to do would be teaching and guiding your child, in order to continue in implementing good financial management. On this occasion I will discuss some financial habits that should be taught to your child.

Make a Simple Budget (Budgeting)
Budgeting is the core of financial management. How do we teach budgeting to the child?
Child needs much simpler when compared to the adults. Suppose your child usually get pocket money $ 5 per day. To teach budgeting to your child, then you need to give pocket money during the period at once. Start with a small period, for instance weekly. One week consists of 7 days, so you instantly hand over $ 35 to your child.

Surely your child needs to be guided through the utilization of the pocket money. Give the understanding that the money you gave is for one week. Teach simple budgeting to your child, that the child should allocate spending as much as $ 5 per day. If on the day the child is spending more than $ 5 then he must stop spending until the next day. Emphasize that the child should be disciplined in the shop, so that the pocket money spent is no more than $ 5 per day.

Recognize banking
In today’s world, a person’s financial life is always associated with banking. Your salary may be transferred directly into your bank account. The Bank also serves as a storage place for your money. Bank also has several features that you can use as payment of monthly bills such as telephone, electricity, water and others. Therefore, it is important to introduce children to the world of banking. The trick is to open a single special account for your child, and let your child do his own financial transactions at the bank. You need to teach children how to fill out a slip storage or making money, how to queue up at the teller, etc. The important thing is how the child communicates with a teller at the time they wanted to deposit or withdraw money.

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