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PPI: The 411

So you’ve no doubt heard the term ‘PPI’ or ‘Payment Protection Insurance’ bandied about over the last few years, but what is it and why the big fuss? PPI had been sold with loans, credit cards and store cards all throughout the Nineties, but the controversy didn’t begin until the mid-2000’s. The policies were designed […]


Why Choose A Group Health Plan? Learn More About The Benefits!

Many of us understand the benefits of basic health insurance, but when we’re faced with the prospect of having to decide on a group plan, we find ourselves at a loss. Group health plans aren’t really too complicated or frightening as they might initially seem – you just have to get used to how they […]


Information on PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) Claims

The (PPI) Payment Protection Insurance policies could only be sold to persons who are between the age of the eighteen to sixty five.  So if the primary place you had requested for the PPI when you are younger which eighteen, then you may be go as well as have a legitimate claim for the mis […]

Learning about Payment Protection Insurance

Those who are interested in getting payment protection insurance will need to learn as much about it as possible. If you need to take out a loan of some sort, it will be important to know that you will be able to pay it back should you lose your job or fall ill. Although this […]

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Policy Online

Choosing and purchasing best life insurance policy can be sometimes a tedious task to do. It is very difficult to visit different insurance companies and get advice from multiple insurance agents to decide which insurance policy will suit you the best. One of the best methods to purchase a life insurance policy is to purchase […]