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Enjoy world Class Entertainment with Westfair TV

First established in 1962, Westfair TV is a family owned and operated electronic company that is well known for television and radio equipment installation in areas of Connecticut and its surroundings.  As such, the company also offers for sale and provides support services to radio and television users. The company has since its establishment made huge strides in its operations. Some of the company’s achievements include:

l  Provision of high quality support services for radio and television users.  The services include installation of various support systems as well as provision of repair and maintenance services.

l  Another achievement of Westfair TV is its production of a wide range of cable wire .For many including many cable manufacturers, any cable wire is just as good as the next. However, truth be told, the kind of cable wires you will get can determine how effective or otherwise your electronics will work. The company provides a wide range of cable wires designed for different performance demands. The latest straight wire cables are available in four levels with each level designed to provide specific performances including entry level straight wire cables. These are designed for use with electronics like VCR and CD players, second level which is ideal for use with home theaters and the fourth level which is designed for professional use with various musical production components. Using the right kind of wire cables is not only beneficial in providing the right performance but such can also be a sure way to protect your electronics against damages caused by faulty wiring and poor power connectivity.

l  More recently, the company started broadening its specialist to come up with a home theater system design that has by far reached a huge reception especially in Connecticut.


The company success is largely attributed to its ability to provide for individual needs in the production of its wide range of products and the ability to ensure provision of products and services that are reliable, user friendly and of top notch quality.  On the same note, the company hosts some of the world renowned brands including Krell, Philips, and Sony amongst others.

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