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How to Avoid fees and charges on your Credit Card

Having a credit card is such a common thing nowadays that it is more like having a mobile phone or real cash. Almost everything we buy or everything we do for which we are charged a fee, we pay it using our credit card. Be it doctors fees, grocery shopping, insurance premiums, and what not; everything is paid using the credit card. However, it is not a bad practice to do this; after all you have bought the card to pay the bills.

The issue is when you have to pay fees and charges for using the credit card about which you were never told or you had not thought that could be applicable in your case. This result in you ending up paying more than what you actually thought thus upsetting your budget and creating problems in the following month. You can avoid all these hassles by paying more attention to little details to your credit card resources. This means that you must keep a track of what you pay, where you pay, how you pay using your credit card. Keeping track of your payments will help you to take charge of you expenses that easily go out of the credit limit on you card thus avoiding fees of going beyond your credit limits. Paying your credit finance UK in full each time you are handed over the bill of your credit card is also a great idea to avoid unnecessary fees and charges on your credit card usage. Many people do not pay their share of credit in full during one month and then the rest of the amount has to be paid with a surcharge in the following month. By doing this you are not only paying extra cash but also increasing the load on your shoulders as the following month’s bill also has to be paid and believe me, it is never less than the previous month’s bill. One must always use his credit card judiciously. Another way of avoiding any fees or chares is by buying things or services that are on discounts. By doing this, you will not only save money, but you will end up paying less for more. Moreover, your chances of going beyond your limit are highly decreased.

Credits and loans are one and the same thing. In both you borrow a sum of money from someone with a promise of paying back in a specified time. If not then you are charged with interest. In case of credit card, that someone is your bank and the interests are the charges and fees you pay at the end of every month. Thus, you can clearly see that the use of credit card in a smart way is so important for us. You must, at all costs, try and minimize your expenditure using your credit card. If possible use a debit card or internet banking as often as you can. That will not only save you from the extra payment of bills, but at the same time, it will limit your expenditure altogether.

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