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Is It Safe To Connect PayPal To Your Bank Account?

images (13)PayPal is an e-commerce company used internationally for cash exchanges through the Online. PayPal holds funds in twenty-six currencies globally in 190 markets and controls 232 million accounts. In 2006, PayPal introduced a security key as an additional safety measure against scams. The account owner goes into the log in ID and security password and is then required to press the button on the security key and enter the six-digit number security password in the log in screen. Is it secure to link your PayPal to your business account? In 2001, PayPal experienced online scams with online hackers who were coughing into accounts and shifting little cash. In June 2008, the Australia current affairs show, broad-casted a section demeaning PayPal with regard to safety. In July 2008, Australia Competition and Customer Commission said that the evidence available does not support the view that PayPal is the most secure method of payment.

An account owner can still drop prey to frauds including PayPal. Customers should not link a PayPal account to a banking account or debit card. If a PayPal account is affected, it is cash taken directly out of the banking account. If the e-commerce account is linked to a financial institution card, a person has sixty days to refute the charges against the lender bank. It is important to keep the protection on your PC up to date by installing the latest critical security patches to the OS. Customers should not log into a PayPal account from a public PC or internet cafe. Spammers can install malware on the PC that will log the key strokes. Robbery experts recommend that buyers should download and print all payments to keep as back-ups for buys made.

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