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JG Wentworth Bent for Financial Services

The firm JG Wentworth, LLC has seen its initial start in 1991 at their headquarters in Bryn Mawr. Starting out as a merchant banking firm, it did not take them long to begin exuding several opportunities in the market that derives from the sales and purchase of deferred payment streams. With over two decades in operation, they were able to build up their solid foundation and turn the company into a stronger competitor in the Financial Services Industry. The privately held company is now recognized as a prominent buyer of tardy payments for illiquid assets which involves financial and insurance arrangements such as secured annuities and structured settlements. Their overall purchase of future payment obligations from several clients have totaled to a sum of $4 billion since 1992, the year after their foundation. Their scope of services cover new ventures, career opportunities, consulting offers, job inquiries, expertise and reference requests, business deals and others. They specialize in Financial Services, Structured Settlement, Annuity and Lottery Winnings.


It was during the late 90s when they emphasized their objective on purchasing structured settlements and annuities payment streams. It was them that presented the marketplace with institutional capital and national advertising. These actions further resulted to the transformation of the structured settlement-focused subordinate market from a cottage industry into a more sophisticated specialty finance business. Another milestone that they own up to is taking a vital part in modeling the legislation that relates to regulating the process of selling structured payment streams. This legislation was soon adopted by a total of 47 states, having the purchases made that they make judged approved.

The popularity of the company is garnered from several positive JG Wentworth Reviews which not only centered on their service, but also the way that they promoted it. Mr. Wentworth is the moniker that they used for the fictional and eponymous character that they have in their commercials. This imaginary entity that they have created turned out to be the creativity that they needed to further strengthen their presence. Now, they have several clients as well as a massive internet fan base.

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