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PPI conman who swindled £170,000 from 1,500 victims Jailed

PPI refundsA conman who managed to pocket £170,000 from 1,500 victims using a phoney PPI refund scam has been jailed for four years. The victims got a big deprivation.

Hamza Rahman told 1,500 members of the public they were owed £2,400 in compensation after they were initially wronged by the banks.

After Rahman and his associate had taken a £200 ‘payment’ from their victims they pocketed the money and eventually made up to £170,000.

The conman profited by taking advantage of the PPI scandal, which has forced banks to shell out billions to refund customers who were wrongly sold PPI policies.

There are now hundreds of legitimate businesses, which claim back refunds on behalf of their customers, however the conman had never intended to secure PPI refunds on customer’s behalf.

Rahman had been warned that if he continued and did not secure permission to process claims he could be could be prosecuted, but he carried on doing so.

After a Trading Standards search, they discovered stacks of unopened letters from fraud victims containing paper work they had filled in.

Rahman had claimed he was working on behalf of a number of legitimate companies, all of which had never dealt with him before.


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