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Why Choose A Group Health Plan? Learn More About The Benefits!

health-insuranceMany of us understand the benefits of basic health insurance, but when we’re faced with the prospect of having to decide on a group plan, we find ourselves at a loss. Group health plans aren’t really too complicated or frightening as they might initially seem – you just have to get used to how they work. These plans are usually obtained through your place of work. These plans cost less than individual health plans that you might buy on your own. All healthcare plans offer different levels of coverage for each individual included on the plan as well as their dependents. Some of the things a plan can cover include regular and non-regular check-ups, routine tests, specialist visits, hospital and emergency care. Prescription drugs, wheelchairs and other medical equipment may be provided on basic coverage for some but not all plans. Basic health care services can also include blood tests and STD tests, pregnancy tests and pregnancy care, cancer screening tests, rehabilitation therapy, preventive care such as vaccinations, and mental health care. Health plans can also cover some, but not all, prosthetic devices and reconstructive surgeries. And although dental care is not usually covered, general anesthesia is covered for most procedures. Group health plans from a company like First Financial Group will often be able to cover the specific needs of individuals who need services and supplies for diabetes.

Employers usually offer their employees the chance to enroll in a group health plan during the fall of each year; during this time, employees can change their current plan to alter the benefits they receive if they wish to do so, If an employee has a baby, gets married, or adopts a child, then they can add dependents onto their plan whenever this occurs, but otherwise, the open enrollment period is usually the only time an employee can sign up. Dependent children can often stay on their parents’ healthcare plans for a long time, often until they turn 26 – though it’s important to keep in mind that when you add a child or spouse to your plan your monthly premium may go up.

The best thing about a group health plan is that it can provide much-needed coverage and assistance if you find yourself ill, injured, or in trouble; this is of course an enormous boon for anyone who is covered, but it serves their employers equally well. A healthy workforce is one that will be more productive, engaged at work, and with a stronger incentive to stay at their job and put in the best work possible.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to group health coverage. There are many plans that can be catered to fit any employer’s exact needs – the size of their company, the number of employees they have, etc. This allows any employer to ensure they can guarantee their employees an affordable healthcare plan that fits with their situation, and provides them with far better options for healthcare than they would have when seeking a plan without group coverage.


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